Private Banking

Business Overview

Korea Investment & Securities provides "Majesty Club" service at the requests of the customers who want professional asset management in Korea's low-interest rate policy and low inflation environment.

Majesty Club?

Majesty Club, tailored especially for VIP customers, guarantees stability, profitability, mobility, and transparency of customers' assets by offering systematic and scientific asset management, a wide range of financial products, high profitability, and differentiated services.

Based on the support from all the former affiliates (fund management, corporate financing, mutual savings bank) of Korea Investment Financial Holdings, the parent company of Korea Investment & Securities, as well as our own investment banking, asset management, and research support, Majesty Club provides one-stop consulting service to VIP customers. Majesty Club is a comprehensive asset management consulting service that provides legal, tax, real estate, and accounting services to meet customer demands in areas such as real estate, investment, retirement pension, and income protection.

Asset Management Feed Back System

Majesty Club's asset management feedback system consists of the asset allocation committee and the management consultation committee. The asset allocation committee provides asset allocation, investment consulting and standard portfolio services, and the management consultation committee provides control system service for asset management and risk management service.

Product and Services

The products of Majesty Club include stocks, bonds, financial products, and derivatives as well as private equity funds, real estate funds, insurance, and overseas funds. Also, it guarantees successful investment for customers by providing various services such as one-on-one consulting, life planning, provision of information and materials, and asset management seminars.

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