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Business overview

Experience and Excellent Service

Korea Investment & Securities (KIS) has over 37 years of experience in the asset management industry and is one of the leading distributors
of fund products in Korea. In particular it distributes fund products of its affiliated companies,Korea Investment Management Co. Ltd. (KIM) and Korea Value Asset Management, as well as those of leading foreign asset management companies, such as Fidelity, JP Morgan, Blackrock, and
Schroder, and other Korean asset managers. The total amount of asset management products sold is over US$23 billion with sales made through
the company's 119 nationwide branch offices and online.

KIS has been at the forefront of the internationalization of the Korean securities market with the launch of a range of onshore funds for
investment in the Korean stock and bond markets that were aimed at overseas investors since the opening of the Korean fund market in 1981.
Although these type of funds exclusively for foreign investors are now being phased out as foreign investors may invest directly in the whole
range of onshore Korean funds, our dedicated team of specialists in the regulation and operation of onshore funds enables us to deal swiftly and efficiently with the demands and requirements of foreign clients.

Products & Service

Korean Onshore Investment Trust Funds

KIS offers a wide range of onshore fund products that invest in both Korea and overseas securities markets, and these funds are open for
investment by both residents and non-residents of Korea. Some examples of popular onshore Korean funds managed by KIM and other asset
managers that are sold through KIS are shown under <Guide to Investment, Fund Investment.>

The majority of fund products are classified as either equity funds (which invest over 60% of assets in equities and equity-related securities),
bond funds (which invest over 60% of assets in bonds and have no equities), equity hybrid funds (which invest from 30-60% in equities),
bond hybrid funds (which invest up to 30% in equities), or money market funds (which invest in short-term financial products such as CDs
and CPs). There is also a range of other fund types such as derivatives funds, real estate funds, real asset (such as gold) funds, and fund of funds.
In particular, KIM has developed a range of fund of funds that invest in overseas funds, including fund of funds for hedge funds. The use of a fund of funds structure enables domestic retail clients to gain exposure to overseas funds that are not registered for sale in Korea.

Many of the funds available, especially equity funds, are divided into different classes. Although the assets of each class are managed in exactly
the same way, the fees for each class will be different. For example, Class A may have an upfront fee and relatively lower ongoing fees, while Class C may have no upfront fee but relatively higher ongoing fees.

Residents of Korea may obtain further information at any of the branch offices of KIS located throughout Korea, while both residents and
non-residents may obtain further information about the products available and investment process by contacting us as below.

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