OTC Derivatives

Business overview

By using various derivatives such as futures, options and swaps, Korea Investment & Securities devises and sells products that meet the
needs of its customers. At a time when customers have not been able to find places for investment owing to the continued low-interest rates and
unstable stock market in Korea, Korea Investment & Securities has developed and sells various forms of products to produce a new investment

Our Strength & Perspectives

  • Leading company in Korean OTC Market
    Korea Investment & Securities is the leader in the stock market industry, particularly in areas related to over-the-counter derivatives. It is also the winner in the
    over-the-counter derivatives market, with various record-breaking performances in stock price-linked derivatives. Its proven capability in product development is also
    well-recognized in the market.
  • Another Quantum Leap Forward in 2005
    By keeping abreast with the steadily growing demand for futures-, options-, and SWAP-based over-the-counter derivatives (OTC derivatives), KIS has played a major
    role in the OTC derivatives market with the active development and distribution of a number of products. With a talented pool of experts in the development of OTC
    derivatives, KIS increased the issuance of equity-linked securities (ELS) from 1.4 trillion Korean won in FY 2004 to 1.9 trillion won in FY 2005. We are also the market leader
    in equity-linked warrants (ELW), accounting for more than 20% of market issuance.

In 2006 we have continued our strong growth in corporate financing activities that has enabled us to maintain a leading market position for
ELS, ELW, and OTC derivatives.


Market leader as of the end of 38th FY (March 31, 2005)

Accumulated issuance amounting to 2.58 billion won(first time to exceed 2 billion won in the Korean industry)

Market share 23.63%


Awarded Best Derivatives Award 2004 at First IB Award by Money Today
Awarded for 5 year-term coupon ELS

Contact point

If you have any further queries about OTC Derivatives, Please contact :

Sung-Jae Lee,

Senior Manager,

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