Business Snapshot

Institutional Services

BoD : Standing directors
International Business
New services to meet the needs of global investors in accessing the Korean securities
markets by combining the secruities brokerage and research expertise of Dongwon
Securities with KITC’s fund and asset management experience in the Korean bond and
stock markets.
Retirement Pension
Retirement strategy we provide steps ahead from others! Unfold a new future together
with Retirement Pension Plan by Korea Investment & Securities.
Fixed Income
Invest in the Korean bond market either directly using our position as a designated treasury
bond dealer or through our wide range of bond funds and fixed income products.
Specialized services for initial public offerings in the Korean securities market from
establishment to follow-up with the No. 1 ranking in the sector.
M&A and Int’l Finance
Leading consultant in Korea for international finance and mergers & acquisitions with
out-standing performance and experience in all Areas including large-scale asset disposal,
sales capability, and privatization of public companies that ensures customer satisfaction.
OTC Derivatives
Korea Investment & Securities is the leader in the OTC derivatives market in Korea and
offers the best product development capability-a market share of 23.6% and accumulated
issuances of 2.6 trillion won, the first company in the industry to exceed 2 trillion won.
Projects &
 Structured Finance

Completed the financing of 45 projects amounting to 1.5 billion won in only
one year from its formation in 2004 to become a legend in the Korean project
financing industry.

Investment Trust

Investment Trust
Investment Trust
Major manager and distributor of Korean funds including equity, bond, and money market
funds with assets under management of US$22 billion. Also a dominant position in sales of
onshore Korean funds to foreign investors based on 24 years experience and excellent service.
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